Performance in Lleida

with Joel Sarakula

November 4, accompanying the Australian singer-songwriter at the Cafè Teatre

Gig in BCN with

The Dandy Warhols

On Thursday, May 25, opening for the legendary Portland band on their European tour

New single on

Fruits de Mer Records

Includes a version of The Move's classic 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow' and a new mix of 'Get Going'

Presentation at

Sala Siroco, Madrid

Friday, January 20th, presenting the new single 'I Can Hear The Grass Grow'

Flower Canyon, a

vintage recording studio

New recording studio in Barcelona, home of Stay and many others

'Always here',

the documentary

Movie about the making of 'The Mean Solar Times' LP with Owen Morris (Oasis, The Verve)
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Stay is a band formed in 2001 in Barcelona, Spain, that plays timeless Pop-Rock with bits of Britpop and Psychedelia.

Stay's music travels from lysergic landscapes to the most rhythmic convulsion, always driven through careful and precious melodies.

A band that lives by and for the music, and that looks for a continuous balance between melodies, forcefulness, hypnotic keyboards and psychedelic passages.


Jordi Bel Serra

Creator and leader of the band

Main composer of the group, he is in love with BritPop, Madchester Sound, British Psychedelia and the warm sounds of the American West Coast. A true musical archaeologist and connoisseur of popular music, he has written some songs that have become timeless hymns.


Irra Palacio

'Pinkman'. The lord of the keyboards

Responsible for the dreamlike and lysergic sound characteristic of Stay, his hands glide vertiginously through the Hammond organ, synthesizers and his faithful Farfisa. Fan of Syd Barrett and Rick Wright, influences very presents in his sound.


Jordi Casals

The wild spirit of the band

If anyone represents the indomitable essence of Rock and Roll in Stay, it is Jordi Casals. Responsible for the drums and percussions of the band, he is a staunch follower of the Rolling Stones and, like them, he will grow old pounding snares, cymbals and timpani until his last breath.


Joan Birulés


He is the youngest of the band. A great singer and lover of the most intimate folk sounds and great classics such as Buffalo Springfield, Bob Dylan, Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, etc.


José Suárez

'The Bassist'

Last signing of the band, with great technique and studious of the most jazzy and psychedelic funk soul trends, as well as classic 70s rock bands such as Led Zeppelin or Humble Pie.


Find out about our concerts and don't miss them!

Stay + Joel Sarakula

Carrer Roca Labrador, 2 bis


Cafè del Teatre. 22:00h

MAY 25
The Dandy Warhols + Stay

The Dandy Warhols European Tour 2023


Paral·lel 62. 20h

4th Festival 'A peu de carrer'

Ferreries Velles, 11. Girona


Ateneu 24 Juny. 19:30h

JAN 20
Presentation of the new single

With the Madrid-based band 'Dead by Southwest'


Sala Siroco. 21h

DEC 16
Magic Mountain Showcase

With Will Spector y Los Fatus, Teana and Duralex


Sala Upload. 21h

OCT 15
Floresta Fest

With Celestial Bums, Javi Núñez, Pepinho...

Sant Cugat

Casino Floresta. 13h

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Our recordings. Here you can see, listen and buy our latest albums. Check them out and don't miss yours!

Stay - I can hear the grass grow
I Can Hear The Grass...

Fruits de Mer Records. 2023

Stay - Old Sounds of Modern Music
Old Sounds of Modern...

Magic Mountain Records. 2021

Stay - Always Here
Always Here

Fruits de Mer Records. 2017

Stay - The Mean Solar Times
The Mean Solar Times

Picture in my Ear. 2016

Stay - The Fourth Dimension
The Fourth Dimension

Subterfuge Records. 2012

Stay - The Fourth Dimension
Passport to Freedom

Subterfuge Records. 2010


A small sample of our repertoire during these more than 20 years of musical trajectory. Listen and enjoy. Press play!

I Can Hear The Grass Grow

I Can Hear The Grass Grow SG  |  Fruits de Mer Records. 2023

Get Going (UK version)

I Can Hear The Grass Grow SG  |  Fruits de Mer Records. 2023

Hold On

Old Sounds Of Modern Music  |  Magic Mountain Records. 2021

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